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Since the beginning of time, seafarers have feared these waters. The Lord’s Prayer has been repeated innumerable times as ships entered the dangerous archipelago that form the Pater Noster islands on the Swedish west coast.

Here, in the outpost of the archipelago, on one of Sweden’s most windblown, barren and exposed places, Pater Noster – the king of lighthouses, was eventually built. This state-of-the-art masterpiece gave hope and guided seafarers safely for over a century. Next to it, the lighthouse keepers and their families built their home, a small-scale community on an island which had always been perceived as uninhabitable. For more than one hundred years they lived out here, on the terms dictated by the island and the sea.

Now, we are once again opening the door to the lighthouse master’s home. A place for seafarers from near and far, for nature lovers and pleasure seekers, for those who are seeking tranquility or good company. Here, where the light is brighter and the wind is wilder, the ocean saltier and the seafood fresher.

Welcome to our home. A home on the horizon.

For inquirys and reservations, please contact Mirja Lilja Hagsjö, Operations Manager at Pater Noster.
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